Definitions for "Suitability"
Appropriateness for a particular purpose and/or a type or size of rider.
Requirement that representatives need to understand clients' personal and financial backgrounds before helping clients select suitable mutual funds.
Suitability means that the investment is in line with your investment objectives and financial situation. Your financial professional should not recommend an investment that exposes you to risk beyond what you can afford to lose.
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Age suitability for baby clothes, cribs & strollers is never an exact science, as babies grow and develop at differing speeds.
The adaptability of a particular plant or animal species to a given ecological site.
(1) The adaptability of an area to grazing by livestock or wildlife.(2) The adaptability of a particular plant or animal species to a given area.
The degree to which manual procedures match the automated information system and the fitness for use of these manual procedures for the organization.
A person's character, reputation, trustworthiness, and fitness as related to the efficiency of the Federal service.
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Super DOT Supervisory board
The quality or state of being suitable; suitableness.
the quality of having the properties that are right for a specific purpose; "an important requirement is suitability for long trips"
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Some thing to consider when choosing your next hair style.
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Suitability rules Suitable
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see land suitability.