Definitions for "The following"
a bit of the history of CSA and explains some of the features of the organization so you may be better informed about our support organization
a brief background on how the neo-con policies were a significant driver behind attacking Iraq For the longest of time, I wanted to write something about the influence neocons have in America's Foreign Policy, but never got around to it
a brief description of setting up CSA
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a cautionary tale and a list of expenses that all should keep in mind whenever they do a piercing
a collection of responses to questions from students and others in response to recent events on and near campus
a complete list of JPMA members with links to their Web sites or e-mail
a comparison of the planks of the Communist Manifesto with but a part of the administration of Roosevelt
a non-comprehensive summary of many of the medical conditions that may result in respiratory limitations
a summary of an unofficial IVE translation of the preface of an Ailurosi encyclopedia entry ("amerang haniteroligach") composed by Cluph Ti-Anver, whose unintentional assistance in this matter my dopples and I are very pleased to acknowledge
an excerpt from the Barre Town Middle and Elementary School Hazing Policy (JICFA)
an excerpt from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples' Report relating to economic development needs of Aboriginal people
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an article that appeared in the
an article that was written for other publications
an article written on the Misali Ethics Project
an interview between Chris Markham, and Mike Cohen, of Broomall, Pennsylvania
an interview with Bill Kaysing, who is one of the hoax advocates featured in the FOX television program and author of We Never Went To The Moon
a transscript of the closed trial of Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, as shown on Romanian and Austrian television
a casket hardboard casket hardboard casket hardboard friend of it
a message from Eugene Sherman, a friend of the Khrapko family
a series of commonly asked questions regarding the partnership between Friends organizations and the National Wildlife Refuge Association
a message from the Honourable John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, received via facsimile transmission, at the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd
an edited text of the questions and discussion that followed the talk by Chairman Avakian, "Dictatorship and Democracy, and the Socialist Transition to Communism
a program promo for SBS -- one of Australia's public broadcasters
a collection of Trivia about Canadian Olympians and Olympic events in which they have participated
an announcement for a late-breaking tour that didn't make the preliminary conference program
a resolution adopted by the Canadian Advisory Committee at its meeting in Winnipeg at the time of the National Conference on Character Education in that city
Keywords:  spry, fraser, simon, cbc, graham
a presentation given, at the University of Montreal and Simon Fraser University, to the Spry Foundation (as in CBC co-founder Graham Spry)
Keywords:  hrh, rangers, steve, hawk, letter
a copy of a letter I sent to the HRH after I received an email requesting a review of
a letter from Steve Hawk, who heads the fast-growing Mountain Rangers
Keywords:  vaja, sauna, courtesy, cheating, guide
a guide, courtesy of VAJA Sauna on how to build the Sauna yourself
a guide to help you determine if your mate is cheating on you
Keywords:  'pokiri, sen, alaska, distributors, usa
a news release from Alaska Sen
a press note released by 'Pokiri' movie distributors in USA
a second report regarding the Kita -Chiba Water Conveyance Project and touches on the facility information management system for two multipurpose pumping stations and water conveyance facilities set up in line with this project
Keywords:  ammedment, temporary
a temporary ammedment to the R
Keywords:  iaka, loadable, flyer, printed, down
a down-loadable publicity flyer printed by IAKA
Keywords:  ura, tcl, silk, valid
a valid Silk Tcl URA
Keywords:  alabama, roy, moore, poem, judge
a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama
a Security Council press statement on Liberia, delivered today by the President of the Council, Andrey I
a hierarchical Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence/VAWA-Threat-to-Families
a new federal Anti-Ecstacy bill which proposes increased penalties for ecstasy use
a message from Dr
a message I received from my brother Joseph who lives in the Detroit area
a posting on the yahoo Holiday Rambler site and since I was having the same problem I thought it would
Keywords:  netflow, cli, visualize, example, data
an example of how to visualize the NetFlow data using the CLI
a complete alias entry from tnsnames
a sample entry for the listener in listener
an example of a Comma Delimited file that was created from reading the preceding Sequential (or LINE Sequential) file that contains records with predefined, fixed fields
a directory of U
a new free Australian search engine and directory dedicated to genealogy
an example of a completed ICRA for an information-system upgrade in an intensive-care unit
Keywords:  jacksonian, paper, position, party
a position paper of the Jacksonian Party
Keywords:  buster, probable, barrier, forth, team
a statement of probable costs for the establishment of a "Barrier Buster Team" put forth by St
a corrected version of a story that appeared on CWNews
a copy of the End-User License Agreement users must accept before installing and using the Alibre Design software
a sample of the many web sites that can assist pesticide applicators and those interested in issues related to pests, pesticides, and agriculture
a small sampling of our technical mail
Keywords:  ots, glossary, index, terms
an index to the OTS Glossary of Terms
Keywords:  welfare, breakdown, budget, larger
a breakdown of the larger welfare budget
a schedule suggested by the SEC for inclusion in the Liquidity and Capital Resources section regarding aggregate commitments
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a selection of what's available
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a response from