Definitions for "Genealogy"
An account of one's descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own.
An account or history of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor; enumeration of ancestors and their children in the natural order of succession; a pedigree.
Regular descent of a person or family from a progenitor; pedigree; lineage.
A Java app for the entry, storage, and networking of genealogical information. Unlike most other genealogical database programs, Genealogy uses the rich GENTECH model rather than a custom one or GEDCOM, and can network remote genealogical databases.
Look here for the results of Charlie's genealogy research. Befitting a software weenie, I (Charlie) know how to read and write GEDCOM (the Esperanto of computer-based genealogy).
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Genealogy refers your sponsored organization in levels of your home business program. This includes those whom you have personally sponsored and those who are sponsored by your referrals on several levels deep.
a striking way of bringing before us the continuity of God's purpose through the ages