Definitions for "Charlie"
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A familiar nickname or substitute for Charles.
As a proper name, a fox; -- so called in fables and familiar literature.
Name given to the Viet Cong, VC, Victor Charlie
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Polly Samson's first son. At the end of High Hopes we hear a short phone conversation between him and Mark Brickman. See HH LYRICS.
A term meaning insufficient markings for the breed.
An extremely lightly marked animal in marked breeds or Broken Groups. Usually having colored ears, light eye circles and a Charlie Chaplin mustache like marking for a butterfly and are also usually devoid of back and side markings. The trait is usually genetically recessive.
a person of Cypriot origin who is born in the UK
Charlie is a minor character from the anime, Gundam 0080. Charlie is an old bartender who has lived on Libot his whole life. He helps leak information about the location of the Earth Federation's Libot base to Cyclops Team member Gabriel Ramirez Garcia.
Charlie (born Charlene D. Garcia on February 231973) is a Latin American pornographic actress.
Charlie (hatched c. 1899), also known as Charlie the Curser, is a blue and gold female macaw living at Heathfield Nurseries, a pet sanctuary in Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom. Charlie became famous when The Daily Mirror published an article about her in January 2004.
Castaway and former bassist for the rock band DriveShaft. A recovering drug addict, he discovered, among the wreckage of a small drug-smuggling plane, a stash of ceramic Virgin Mary statues containing heroin.
Charlie was a British rock band that formed in 1971 by Terry Thomas.
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A night watchman; -- an old name.
Charlie Papazian, author of The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing. I don't actually own this book. I have The [old] Complete Joy of Home Brewing from 1984. This is one of many reasons that you shouldn't trust anything I say.
see 'Bean Camper"; conductor of late night trains.
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Designator for the letter "C" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
military phonetic for the letter 'C"
First Lieutenant Charlie, known as in Japan, is a video game character from Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games.
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a tall, yet mobile passer with good bloodlines
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The Webmaster of this fine Web site. Before you ask, I (Charlie) do not work in the athletic shoe industry.
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Third player to the dealer's left. See Able, Baker,Charlie.
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an automatic winner
a Principal in the Firm and concentrates on assisting clients with tax planning and compliance
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A short, pointed beard, like that worn by Charles I.
Copied/received transmission OK
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See 5-6-7 Card Charlie