Definitions for "Reprise"
Keywords:  interlude, lyrics, sung, album, song
A clown's short interlude played during breaks between acts.
Musical term: to repeat, in whole or in part, a song which has already been sung in the show.
A repetition of a song sung earlier in a musical. In Annie, "Tomorrow" is reprised twice. In Mack & Mabel, "I Won't Send Roses" is sung by Robert Preston and then, with different lyrics, by Bernadette Peters; Peters's version is considered a reprise. Although some shows just reprise a song because it's a hit song, a reprise done intelligently can change the meaning of the lyrics. For example, in Nine, "Not Since Chaplin" is first sung by adoring fans as a straightforward way to praise film director Guido Contini's importance. Much later, with his world collapsing around him, Contini bitterly reprises the opening words of the song, turning them into irony.
the renewal of attack or riposte (the first having been parried) and requiring a further forward action by lunge or fl├Ęche, the blade action may be simple, compound, with or without an attack on the blade.
A RENEWED ATTACK made immediately after a return to guard.
the counterattack after an opponent's lunge
Keywords:  retake, take
To take again; to retake.
Keywords:  recaptured, pirate, enemy, ship
A ship recaptured from an enemy or from a pirate.
Deductions and duties paid yearly out of a manor and lands, as rent charge, rent seck, pensions, annuities, and the like.
Keywords:  recompense, pay
To recompense; to pay.
Keywords:  retaliation, way, taking
A taking by way of retaliation.
A return to an original theme.
repeat an earlier theme of a composition
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a scene in itself
Keywords:  profiled, corner, internal, unit
An internal corner of a profiled unit.