Definitions for "Barrage "
Keywords:  dam, weir, seawater, irrigation, divert
An artificial bar or obstruction placed in a river or watercourse to increase the depth of water; as, the barrages of the Nile.
French for weir, a low dam used to control the height and flow of water on a canalized river.
a dam across a tidally-affected inlet or estuary and blocks the egress to the ocean
Keywords:  artillery, troops, gun, fire, rapid
In Barrage, your goal is to kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes. You control a gun which may fire either small or large grenades by ''point-and-click'' at soldiers, jeeps, and tanks, and which must be reloaded from time to time.
(French) Roadblock
screen of continuous military fire to protect advancing troops or stop hostile attacks; heavy, prolonged attack.
Keywords:  fencers, tie, fight, bout, fence
A fight-off to break a tie.
A fence-off between two or more fencers.
a fight-off to determine the result after a tie.
Keywords:  preempt, noun
(noun) preempt.
Keywords:  launch, assault, firework, mortar, cake
Multi-shell barrage units] Multiple tubes fastened and fused together as one unit. When lit, the fuse travels from tube to tube in succession. Each tube then functions like a small mortar to launch the effect. The individual tubes can range in size from 1/2" to 3", with a wide range of effects. Also known as cake. Example Related Terms: Fan Cake
A continual and concentrated assault of firework effects, or the general name given to a firework that launches such an effect.
attack with a barrage; "The speaker was barraged by an angry audience"
A sustained, high-intensity attack upon a given object or entity, often comprised of a large number of small objects.
Keywords:  aversion, fungi, colonies, space, two
space between two colonies of fungi which have an aversion for each other.
Barrage is the name of two characters in the Transformers universes. Both Barrages are from the original line of Transformers, and they are the second example of reusing a name for a completely different character, after Sky High.
When multiple items ignite at one time. Can contain multiple different items and types.