Definitions for "Run-off"
That part of precipitation, snow melt, or irrigation water that runs off the land into streams or other surface water. It can carry pollutants from the air and land into the receiving waters.
Water that is not absorbed by the soil and turf to which it is applied. Run-off occurs when water is applied at too great a rate, or for too long a time.
Rainfall not absorbed by soil.
An unsanded corner or edge of the panel (which is thicker than the rest of the panel) that may appear discolored.
Two or more hounds in contention for a placement or Best-of-Breed.
A competition to determine a final placement.
Any rainwater, leachate, or other liquid that drains over the land from any part of a facility.
A final, elimination election used to determine the winner among the highest vote-getters in the previous, just-held election.
Fulfilment of liabilities for which reserves have been set up.
The area available for a driver between the track and the barriers.
The process of settling claims for an account that has stopped accepting new risks