Definitions for "Waterway"
Keywords:  creek, river, pond, canal, navigabile
Lake, pond, river, stream, creek, canal, etc.
A body of water wide and deep enough to accommodate commercial vessels. Waterways are in unison a river system.
A passage for water including any stream, river or bay which sometimes or always contains water
Heavy plank or timber extending fore and aft the whole length of a vessel's deck at the line of junction with the sides, forming a channel to the scuppers, which are cut through it. In iron vessels the waterway is variously constructed.
An opening or passage for water. A channel or stream of water as a means of communication. Space available for navigation.
The cross-sectional area provided for the passage of water under the bridge, through a culvert or over a causeway.
Keywords:  conduit, path, flows, hose, pipe
a conduit through which water flows
A low path where surface water collects and flows.
Path through which water flows within a hose or pipe.