Definitions for "Flume "
A stream; especially, a passage channel, or conduit for the water that drives a mill wheel; or an artifical channel of water for hydraulic or placer mining; also, a chute for conveying logs or lumber down a declivity.
The canal channel maintained and supported by an aqueduct or culvert.
An inclined channel of wood or stone used to convey water for long distances. A narrow gorge or ravine can also be used for the same purpose and is sometimes referred to as a flume. Many miles of flumes were built at great expense to bring in water to a hydraulic mining site.
Flume is a component pipeline engine. It allows you to chain multiple workers into a pipeline mechanism. The intention of Flume is that each of the workers should provide access to a different type of technology. For example, a pipeline could consist of a Jython script worker followed by a BeanShell script worker followed by an XSLT worker.