Definitions for "Dike"
A wall-like mass of mineral matter, usually an intrusion of igneous rocks, filling up rents or fissures in the original strata.
Tabular igneous intrusion that cuts across planar bedding or foliation of the surrounding rock.
A small, discordant (injected into massive igneous, metamorphic, or across layers of sedimentary rock) body of intrusive igneous rock.
A ditch; a channel for water made by digging.
An embankment to prevent inundations; a levee.
To drain by a dike or ditch.
To surround or protect with a dike or dry bank; to secure with a bank.
A structure extending from a bank into a channel that is designed to: (a) reduce the stream velocity as the current passes through the dike, thus encouraging sediment deposition along the bank (permeable dike); or (b) deflect erosive current away from the streambank (impermeable dike).
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Photochemical Smog
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To work as a ditcher; to dig.
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A wall of turf or stone.
A low wall made of dirt used to separate sections of a body of water from the the main body. Dikes are often used in salt ponds and bay fill.
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A patented flexible seal to prevent blow-by in core boxes. See Core Box.
a place were molten material cooled in a vertical crack
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enclose with a dike; "dike the land to protect it from water"
a temporary structure used to retain or restrict water flow.
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