Definitions for "Dyke"
An intrusion of igneous rock that in three dimensions is tabular and sub-vertical. Dykes are commonly metres to tens of metres across - although really big ones can be well over a km wide (although they might be the product of multiple intrusion episodes).
A tabular body of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rocks or massive rocks.
A long mass of eruptive rock, a dyke (vein) may consist of mineral deposits located between other rocks.
See Dike. The spelling dyke is restricted by some to the geological meaning.
Same as "Dike."
A wall (Scotland). Also spelled dike.
Lesbian. The term dyke is traditionally derogatory, but many lesbians are attempting a reclamation of the term. There is great disagreement over whether this is wise.
Once known as a derogatory term for lesbians, the word dyke was reclaimed by lesbians in the 1970's as slang, and many lesbians now refer to themselves as dykes.
A derogatory term for lesbians. Some lesbians have chosen to reclaim this term and use it to have positive meaning, especially when saying it in the company of other lesbians and/or GLBT people.
a strong, self-possessed, woman who defies patriarchy's heterosexual mandate, who dares to love other women and be unashamed of it
An artificial embankment constructed to prevent flooding.
A low bank of earth to prevent high water levels from flooding land. [ME. dik, dam.
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A steep fracture filled with magma. Most magma rises thorough the outer layers of the Earth through dykes.
a considerable natural interruption of the bed of coal, whereby it is either thrown down or up. It is sometimes locally denominated a "trouble."
a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea
a barrier constructed to control or confine water; also: slang, sometimes offensive (depending on who s using it) word for same-sex attracted woman.