Definitions for "Granite"
A crystalline, granular rock, consisting of quartz, feldspar, and mica, and usually of a whitish, grayish, or flesh-red color. It differs from gneiss in not having the mica in planes, and therefore in being destitute of a schistose structure.
A light colored igneous rock comprised of the silicon and aluminum-rich minerals quartz and feldspar. Granites are the most abundant igneous rock that form by crystallization of magma within continental crust.
A light coloured, course-grained, igneous rock.
Granite is a natural and extremely hard wearing stone ideally suited for kitchen benchtops and vanities that require a durable working surface. Similar to all natural products, Granite has many features that compliment each other with its colour range and texture variety, along of course with its renowned strength and longevity.
very hard and durable stone: can average over 350 to 400 million years old and range in colour from black, grey, pale to dark pink, yellow to vibrant red
a natural stone widely used as a material for
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type of chenille fabric used for headdress.
A 30mm thick veneer of natural granite has been used extensively on precast panels (See Barclays Bank H.Q.)
something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness); "a man of granite"
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Slab Pull
Slightly tinted paper characterized by presence of colored fibers scattered throughout the sheet.
A hard, natural material used for memorials of all types. It is known for its beauty and easy maintenance.