Definitions for "Skarn"
A term used to describe the metamorphic rocks surrounding an igneous intrusive where it comes in contact with a limestone or dolomite rock formation.
Skarn is metasomatically altered limestones. What happened is that a granite, or granite-like magma intruded limestone. The heat and pressure alter the limestone to marble. But right at the contact between the granite and the marble chemicals can be exchanged. With so much calcium it is no surprise that calcium silicates are formed. Typical skarn minerals are Wollastonite, Vesuvianite, Spessartine and many others. Often skarns are very rich in ore minerals. Pitkjaranta and Dalnegorsk are also skarns. There are many types of skarns depending mostly on the type of intruding rock. Some mineralogically interesting skarns contain high levels of boron. Examples are Solongo, Titovskoye, Tayozhnoye and a few similar deposits near Verkhoyansk. picure
(skarn) A metamorphic rock composed of silicate minerals produced through the metasomatic replacement of carbonate rocks (typically) in a the contact metamorphic aureole of an igneous intrusion. The silicate rocks are produced through the metasomatic reaction of carbonate minerals and elements derived from or mobilized by the magma that typically is of intermediate composition.