Definitions for "Pyroxene"
A common mineral occurring in monoclinic crystals, with a prismatic angle of nearly 90°, and also in massive forms which are often laminated. It varies in color from white to dark green and black, and includes many varieties differing in color and composition, as diopside, malacolite, salite, coccolite, augite, etc. They are all silicates of lime and magnesia with sometimes alumina and iron. Pyroxene is an essential constituent of many rocks, especially basic igneous rocks, as basalt, gabbro, etc.
A group of silicate minerals, of simple or complex composition, which have essentially the same crystal form and many similar physical properties. Chiefly silicates of iron, calcium, and magnesium.
a group of rock forming silicates commonly containing iron, magnesium, calcium, aluminium and sodium. No terms yet - please contact if there is one you would like to see added.