Definitions for "Micaceous"
Pertaining to, or containing, mica; splitting into laminæ or leaves like mica.
A soil or rock type which contains an appreciable amount of the mineral mica. The thin flexible and elastic flakes distinguish it from most other minerals.
Micaceous - Containing the mineral mica.
(pileus surface) with glistening particles or spots.
Mica is frit (glass particles that are the base component for ceramic pigments) that are not ground quite as fine as a standard frit. The particles are coated in titania. This is what gives the mica its reflective qualities. The larger particles give it the rough texture. Pigments are added to this mica base to create color variations. Micaceous colors are textural, reflective ceramic pigments.
consisting of hydrous disilicates, with elements such as potassium, iron, magnesium and lithium, which crumbles readily into tough grain like bits..
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A general term for mica-rich rocks.