Definitions for "Presence"
The measure and status of a user's ability to communicate and be communicated with at any given moment. It includes the reception media (voice, video, instant messaging), the user's availability, and the user's willingness to communicate by various means and through various people (even if a phone is busy, for example). It also takes into account the capabilities and characteristics of each medium (whether a phone is for business or personal use, or which cell site a cell phone is in at that moment). Presence information can be distributed to interested parties through a presence service when it changes. Some specific types of presence services are "buddy lists" and "instant messengers."
Presence indicates whether a Jabber Entity is available for communication. It includes basic Availability (i.e., online vs. offline), as well as status indicators that capture various Availability Types.
Presence indicates a Jabber entity's availability for communication. It includes basic Availability (i.e., online vs. offline), as well as more particular status indicators that capture various Availability Types.
The sense of how close the sound source is to the mike. If you're recording speech, such as a sermon, the combination of mike distance and level setting should give a close-up presence. If the mike is too far from the speaker, there will be too much ambient sound mixed in with the speech to have a good sense of presence. When making a recording for a tape ministry or radio broadcast, the ideal setting is a mix of close presence and ambient sound to give a sense of realism. Headphones are required to get a good mix. See Ambient sound.
A quality of realism and aliveness.
the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence"; "he sensed the presence of danger"; "he was well behaved in front of company"
a way of Being that one projects into the world, such as a presence of peace; The I Am Presence; the Presence of God made manifest through you. Lite meaning: We are all gifts from God, also known as Presence.
For the Marvel comics character see Presence (Marvel Comics)
Sergei Krylov is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. As a younger man, Sergei was a Russian nuclear physicist. His twin children, Nikolai Krylenko and Laynia Petrovna were taken from birth by the Soviet government to be trained as soliders, after their mutant natures manifested.
The mystery of the sacred traditions are that the Divine is always present to the creation, fully and completely present and humanity is meant to live in that presence fully and completely, which means consciously. To live in (to practice) the presence of God is one of the greatest forms of spiritual praxis, and the deepest secret of spiritual joy.
an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
the impression that something is present; "he felt the presence of an evil force"
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The tonal qualities of a microphone as they relate to enhancing or detracting from a sound source. For instance, a vocal mic will enhance the human voice making it sound better. This gives it a better sound--a better presence.
A frequency band in the 2-5kHz region that conveys crispness and intelligibility in a sound.
Presence was a short-lived British rock band formed by Gary Biddles and Lol Tolhurst. In their brief existence, Presence only released one full-length album, called Inside (through Smash Records, a subsidiary of Island Records). Although Inside was well-received by critics, the album was a commercial failure, and led to the dissolution of the band.
The place in which one is present; the part of space within one's ken, call, influence, etc.; neighborhood without the intervention of anything that forbids intercourse.
Specifically, neighborhood to the person of one of superior of exalted rank; also, presence chamber.
The whole of the personal qualities of an individual; person; personality; especially, the person of a superior, as a sovereign.
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Port, mien; air; personal appearence.
The exercise of naval diplomacy in a general way involving deployments, port visits, exercising and routine operating in areas of interest to declare interest, reassure friends and allies and to deter.
Personality, charisma. A proud carriage and alert attitude that causes the individual to stand out in the crowd.
a reality and unquestionably promotes the establishment of more egalitarian relationships among different members of the village community
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an undefined, vague cloud
a postcard sent to area smokers informing them of the upcoming City Council Committee meeting
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dignified manner or conduct
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Any spirit energy on the earthbound plain.
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A subjective feeling that a person, animal, or "discarnate entity" is present.
Our ability to authentically connect with the thoughts and feelings of others is known as presence.
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a disadvantage of this weak antigen
The state of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand; -- opposed to absence.
The presence or absence of colour, inclusions and other features considered when appraising and grading diamonds.
The adjustment of the visual presence of the product vs. the environmental clutter.
The subjective feeling of special "closeness" a listener has to a performer, typically as achieved through a specific balance of frequencies within a reproduced audio signal.
A control on many amplifiers which boosts mid-range frequencies.
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a vast sky full of stars
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the state of being present; current existence; "he tested for the presence of radon"
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the act of being present