Definitions for "Paging"
A one-way (generally) communications service from a base station to mobile or fixed receivers that provide notification or information by tones, voice, vibration, LCD text and so forth. Paging messages can be sent either to a specific receiver or simultaneously to designated group of receivers. Two-way paging involves a return signal from the receiver acknowledging receipt of the message.
A one-way message that tells the subscriber that their attention is required.
An Bluetooth unit transmits paging messages in order to set up a communication link to another Bluetooth unit who is active within the coverage area.
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(1.) The action of transferring instructions, data, or both between real storage and external page storage. (2.) Moving data between memory and a mass storage device as the data is needed.
A process of taking small sections of rarely used memory and putting them on disk to make room for other small pieces of processes. Similar to swapping, but finer-grained. Paging occurs automatically when memory is in short supply.
(n.) The process of replacing the contents of a page frame with different pages. A page is a fixed-sized unit of memory. See also page frame.
By pressing a key or dialling a code on a Siemens Hipath system an announcement can be broadcast to all or a group of Siemens system phones containing a loud speaker. When looking for a specific person to take a waiting call the wanted person can answer the page and pick up the call. The Hipath paging system can be integrated with a conventional public address system to cover large areas.
Upon dialing an appropriate code or pressing a button you may make a paging announcement through loudspeakers installed in your office or through the phones themselves.
calling out the name of a person (especially by a loudspeaker system); "the public address system in the hospital was used for paging"
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Paging is the act of retrieving material from the shelves for you. At Stanford, material can be paged from SAL 1&2 (or you can get it yourself) but it must be paged from SAL 3 and SAL Newark. Paging is also done for material in Special Collections, Miller Library of Marine Biology and the Hoover Library.
Process by which books, journals, and other items are pulled from the shelves for scanning, copying, and shipping.
The act of holding a tab etc. back to allow large items or actors offstage. Also preventing microphone etc cables from getting entangled by pulling / releasing them from offstage as performer walks around. PAINT FRAME
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Requesting a live chat with the Sysop, who may answer (if available).
The act of seeking a mobile station in order to deliver an incoming call.
The act of seeking a cellular phone when an incoming call is trying to reach the phone.
The telephone system function that broadcast pages over the telephone line; requires speakerphones.
the system of numbering pages
Displays a complete screen of characters at a time. Partitioning The act of determining how to best distribute or duplicate application components across the network.
sequential movement of displayed data by full screen units.
character elements presented for a period of time and then disappearing all at once before the same or new elements are presented
A technique used for extending the address range of a device to point into a larger address space
information sheets: Using mobile communications in your business
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The marking or numbering of the pages of a book.