Definitions for "Swapping"
A procedure used to move data from physical memory to disk when physical memory is nearly exhausted.
The action take by the swapper daemon when the system is extremely short of physical memory needed for use by processes. Swapping can place a heavy load on the CPU and disk I/O subsystems.
A technique that the UNIX kernel uses to clean up physical memory. The kernel moves entire processes from memory to disk and then reassigns the memory to some other function. Processes that have been idle for more than a certain period may be removed from memory to save space. Swapping is also used to satisfy extreme memory shortages. When the system is extremely short of memory, active processes may be "swapped out."
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see Paging
Writing a suspended process' modified (dirty) pages to swap space, and putting the clean pages on the free list. Swapping occurs when the number of pages on the free list falls below a specific threshold.
The act of selling securities which you own and almost simultaneously purchasing different securities. A swap is often done to establish losses for tax purposes (tax-swap). Relative to bonds, a swap may be done to increase income, alter maturity, and/or upgrade quality.
Selling one security and buying a similar one almost at the same time to take a loss, usually for tax purposes.
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When the rear end jumps quickly from one side to the other.
The removal of a program to backing store and its replacement by another.