Definitions for "Pram"
a perambulator{3}; -- British informal shortened form.
(n.) Parallel random access machine; a theoretical model of parallel computation in which an arbitrary but finite number of processors can access any value in an arbitrarily large shared memory in a single time step. Processors may execute different instruction streams, but work synchronously. The three most important variations of the PRAM are: EREW - Exclusive read, exclusive write; any memory location may only be accessed once in any one step. CREW - Concurrent read, exclusive write; any memory location may be read any number of times during a single step, but only written to once, with the write taking place after the reads. CRCW - Concurrent read, concurrent write; any memory location may be written to or read from any number of times during a single step. A CRCW PRAM model must define some rule for resolving multiple writes, such as giving priority to the lowest-numbered processor or choosing amongst processors randomly. The PRAM is popular because it is theoretically tractable and because it gives algorithm designers a common target. However, PRAMs cannot be emulated optimally on all architectures. See also NC.
Parameter RAM. PRAM stores date and time settings and other system preference data.
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Pram is a Java-based implementation of a hybrid v3 Zmachine interpreter and decompiler for Zork and other Infocom games.
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A pram or pramm was a type of shallow-draught flat-bottomed ship used in Europe during the 18th century, particularly in the Baltic Sea during the Great Northern War and Napoleonic Wars, as the pram's shallow draught allowed it to approach the shore. They typically carried 10-20 guns on one gun deck, and had either two or three masts. They were the kind of transport Napoleon would have used to cross the English channel.
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See Praam.
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Pram are a band formed in Birmingham, England in 1990.
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a very small sailboat that is used in some areas of the world