Definitions for "Shared memory"
A term applied to both hardware and software indicating the presence of a memory region that is shared between system components. For programming environments, the term means that memory is shared between processes or threads. Applied to hardware, it means that the architectural feature tying processors together is shared memory. See shared address space and explicit shared memory.
A memory location that can be read from and written to by separate processes. Data stored in shared memory can be "shared" between programs.
(n.) Memory that appears to the user to be contained in a single address space and that can be accessed by any process. In a uniprocessor or multiprocessor there is typically a single memory unit, or several memory units interleaved to give the appearance of a single memory unit. See also disjoint memory, distributed memory.
Speakerphone System Identification (SID)
A component of the McIDAS-X environment that consists of User Common, redirect tables and frame objects. Resident programs use it to communicate with applications.
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