Definitions for "Edo"
Ancient Tokyo, and a period of the Yakuza Tattoo origins.
The old name for Tokyo, Japan.
The name given to the historical period (1615-1868) when a strong merchant class gradually replaced the military class as the principal source for artistic patronage. Also the name of the Japanese capital, today known as Tokyo. Color woodblock prints and the Rinpa school of painting developed during this era.
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A form of DRAM technology that shortens the read cycle between memory and CPU. On computer systems designed to support it, EDO memory allows a CPU to access memory 10 to 20 percent faster than comparable fast-page mode chips.
Extended Data Out
faster than DRAM but has been replaced by SDRAM. Close window Diagonal Screen Size Diagonal screen size is the size of the viewable screen measured from the bottom corner diagonally to the opposite top corner. Close window Video Card Type The video card in your computer serves as an interface between your CPU and your computer monitor. A video card processes the data for display on your monitor. Graphic intensive programs need a powerful video card . Close window Networking Connection Type
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a member of a west African people living in the tropical forest region of southern Nigeria
The Edo people are members of an ethnic group who share a common culture and language. They are from areas of Nigeria, in West Africa.
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One of the Alakubu tribes of the Fire Isles.
Environmental District Officer