Definitions for "L2 cache"
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Level 2 cache is cache that is external to the microprocessor. L2 cache contains a subset of the contents of main memory. The design of the memory and L2 cache is a significant way designers differentiate their systems. High-end Pentium systems may use 256-512KB of pipelined,synchronous-burst L2 cache memory together with EDO DRAM. Mainstream systems may use less expensive memory alternatives, such as asynchronous static RAM(SRAM) with fast-page mode DRAM.
in systems with two separate sets of cache memory between the CPU and standard memory, the set between L1 cache and standard memory. [SILC99
A memory cache consisting of static RAM on a motherboard that uses an i486 or higher-level processor. The L2 cache, which typically contains 128 KB to 1 MB, is faster than the system DRAM but slower than the L1 cache built into the CPU chip. Also called level 2 cache. See also cache, dynamic RAM, i486DX, static RAM.
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