Definitions for "DMA"
Depot Maintenance Area
Digital Media Adapter. A network-able device that functions to enable the streaming or playback of digital media content such as photo (jpeg), music (mp3), and movie (mpeg) stored in a computer (server) to television and stereo system. A DMA box is usually equipped with a remote control.
Designated Market Area. The local U.S. TV markets defined by Nielsen Media Research as local share of viewing to broadcast TV stations assigned by county. Nielsen currently lists 210 DMA's and updates annually.
PCs have DMA channels that allow certain devices to directly access memory to speed up the process. In addition to IRQ settings, you used to have to worry...
A method by which data can be transferred from a device (e.g. frame grabber) to the computer memory and vice versa without processor intervention. As a result, the processor is free for other tasks and the data transfer is faster.
After a sector of data has been read from a disk drive into the disk controller's onboard buffer it must be moved into the computer. This is done with a process known as DMA or ( irect emory ccess). The transfer of data takes place directly along an input/output channel at high speed between memory and the device. The CPU only initiates the transfer on a DMA request and therefore is not involved.
Acronym for Defense Mapping Agency in the United States.
Defense Mapping Agency (now called NIMA)
Defense Mapping Agency, 1972-1996
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N,N-dimethyl acetamide
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DMA (Dance Music Authority) was a bi-monthly American Dance music publication that ran from 1993 to 2003. It had a very loyal following during its tenure and was considered the 'bible' of the global dance music industry. The magazine was based in Tinley Park, Illinois.
The DMA (Document Management Alliance) is a task force association, comprising of a number commercial and government organisations, that is dedicated to defining interoperability standards for document management products. With member companies such as Boeing, Eastman Software, general Motors and Xerox, the alliance includes users, vendors, systems integrators, consultants and industry analysts. (see DMA Specification).
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United States efense apping gency
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Division of Medical Assistance
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DAILY MOVING AVERAGE. Moving averages take into account a number of price periods to show average price over time. A "Daily" moving average uses "daily price periods." For more information see Moving Average.
Development Management Associates