Definitions for "disa"
Nonprofit organization supporting the development of e-business standards in e-commerce.
Data Interchange Standards Association. The secretariat which provides clerical and administrative support to the ASC X12 Committee.
See Data Interchange Standards Association.
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(Direct Invaded System Access).
Direct Inward System Access. A person can call into the phone system and access its various features without operator assistance. This can include, but is not limited to, making long distance calls or calling another extension on the same system. GO TO TOP OF PAGE
See Direct Inward System Access
any orchid of the genus Disa, a genus of beautiful orchids with dark green leaves and usually hooded flowers; -- they are much prized as emblematic flowers in their native regions.
The orchid genus Disa consists of 169 terrestrial species in tropical and South Africa, Madagascar and along the Western Indian Ocean. They grow in gorges, near waterfalls and brooks. Its members are primarily from South Africa, and it is most noted for the species Disa uniflora, a spectacular red orchid also known as "The Pride of Table Mountain."
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irect nwards ystem ccess
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Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Information System Agency
An agency within the United States Department of Defense that is responsible for the Defense Information Structure (DII).
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