Definitions for "Dis"
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to treat in a disrespectful manner; to insult, disparage or belittle.
v. Disrespect; to treat with disrespect.
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DIRECT IGNITION SYSTEM. A computer-controlled ignition system, driven from A crank sensor instead of A CAM gear and distributor.
Direct Ignition System. A type of fuel-injection system that injects fuel directly into the cylinders.
Distributorless Ignition System Direct Ignition System
Defence Intelligence Staff/Service
Defence Intelligence Staff.  Intelligence analytical organisation of the Ministry of Defence traditionally serving the UK armed forces but also serving wider government customers.
Defence Intelligence Staff (see MOD).
The god Pluto, god of the underworld; also called Dis Pater.
god of the underworld; counterpart of Greek Pluto
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Draft International Standard. A CD that, having received substantial support from the P-members of a JTC 1/SC, has been registered at the ITTF for distribution to National Bodies for approval as an International Standard.
(1) Abbreviation for district: The area surrounding a postal facility that the facility serves. (2) The designation on mixed bundles or bags sent to a distributing office for re-sorting into straights. (dis)
Draft Standard International. (Rough draft of Estandar the International)
Department of Information Services (State of Washington).
Department of Information Systems for the state of Arkansas, formerly DCS Department of Computers Service
Disease Intervention Specialist. A trained individual working with test-positive patients and their partners to confirm treatment and identify all other potentially infected individuals. Usually employed by a health department.
Diakonhjemmets Internasjonale Senter
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Dé chets Industriels Spé ciaux
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not dishonest, disobey
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a) sometimes a poetic synonym for women, b) catch-all term for female deities connected with fate, death and sometimes fruitfulness. The norns were the three most important and well-known dises.
Disintegrating Desintegradora
Dissolved, Pertains to the constituents in a representative water sample that pass through a 0.45-micrometer membrane filter for inorganic analysis or a 0.7-micrometer glass fiber filter for organic analysis. This is a convenient operational definition used by Federal agencies that collect water data. Determinations of "dissolved" constituents are made on subsamples of the filtrate.
Dissolved A filing to dissolve an entity
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Corel Draw Thesaurus
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Another name for Hades.
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Deep Imaging Survey [EXPTIME=30,000 s
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Discussion FLD Field Work
Democratic Information System - A generic name for a piece of software that automates and puts online the content and processes of a Democratic Services team. This will typically include council minutes and agendas, meetings and committee membership.
Data and Information System.
or Disc specifies the percentage discount to be applied. The discount will be shown on the freight bill as a deduction from the otherwise applicable linehaul charges.
Diagnostic interview schedule
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See Ductile Iron Society for address
Designated Instruction and Services
Designated Instructional Service
referring to the number two or to a difference ("discolor") = ("two-colored")
digital identification signal
See directory integration and provisioning server
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written in C
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Data and Information Service