Definitions for "Headers"
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the top part of a message, containing information about the sender of the message, the recipient(s), the subject, and the method by which it was transmitted. In a spam message, almost all the headers are forged. Most mailreaders do not display all the headers of a message unless specifically told to do so.
Headers are the odd looking techno-babble listed at the top of the e-mail messages that you receive. These headers provide information on who sent the message, how it was sent, and what machines it passed through on it's way to you. This information is very useful when trying to track down the sender of a message.
The section of an email that contains the sender's name, date the message was sent, recipients' names, title, routing details, message priority, and other information. Most email programs only display some headers — typically, the date, message title, and sender and recipients' names. You have to click a button or choose View Full Headers to see more details. When reporting a spam to [email protected], please include the full headers. Some spammers alter headers to hide their tracks.
Fine-tuned exhaust systems that route exhaust from the engine. Headers replace conventional engine manifolds.
City, town or route names attached over sorting separations on cases. May be inserted into a special type of holder or fastened to the upper divider of the separation. (plaques indicatrices)
1. A term used for exhaust manifold. 2. A special exhaust manifold with tubes of equal length from the exhaust ports to the header of the exhaust system.
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Double wood pieces supporting joists in a floor or double wood members placed on edge over windows and doors to transfer the roof and floor weight to the studs.
Headers either transverse members at each end of skids or bases or longitudinal members at each end of top joist. Headers in bases serve to hold the base together as a unit, to transfer loads to the outside skids, and to provide a fastening member for the end panels.
Supporting wood joists in a floor or double wood studs placed on edge over windows and doors to transfer weight.
Headers worden gebruikt om de afzender en de ontvanger te indentificeren in een bericht. Een Header is de kleine informatie balk die bovenaan je mail verschijnt.
The upper or head supporting of members in construction framing of a stairwell for the leaning and supporting section of a stair.
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The pipe that runs across the edge of an array of solar collectors, gathering or distributing the heat transfer fluid from, or to the risers in the individual collectors. This insures that equal flow rates and pressure are maintained.
footers , and page numbering: Allows you to specify customized headers and footers that the word processor will put at the top and bottom of every page. The word processor automatically keeps track of page numbers so that the correct number appears on each page.
Paper discs applied to the ends of rolls for protection.