Definitions for "SPAM "
An inappropriate attempt to use a mailing list, or usenet, or other networked communications facility as a broadcast medium by sending the same message to a large number of people including those who may not have needed for it.
Unsolicited "junk" e-mail containing advertising or promotional messages sent to large numbers of people. Sometimes people or companies send sexually explicit unsolicited e-mail, known as "porn spam."
Spam is email that appears in email inboxes without our permission that often contains pornography, scams, unwanted ads and spyware
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In SEO terminology, Spam refers to manipulation techniques that violate search engine Terms of Service. The manipulation is often indulged in getting higher ranking for a website or a web page. Spam can call for banning.
In the SEO terms, Spam refers to unethical manipulation techniques in order to increase Search Engine rankings. Spamming does that do not follow the Search Engines Guidelines and is considered an ineffective method of generating quality long term web traffic.
Spam is any technique used to try to fool search engines. This can include hidden text (text the same colour as the background of the page) or gateway pages etc. Spamming may have a positive impact site in the short term, but the long term consequences can be disastrous. The ultimate penalty is to be excluded from a search engines database.
Casting the same spell over and over. Usually spells that have low cooldown are spammed. Can also refer to repeated text when chatting.
Directly translated, "spam" means repetition. Chat spam is repeating the same message over and over, flooding the chat (a common tactic of llamas.) Grenade spam is throwing all your grenades at a spot (without priming them) with the intent of killing people who happen to pass by, as opposed to throwing your grenades at a specific target. Spam kills are regarded as cheap. Throwing all your grenades at someone you specifically want to kill (without priming them) is also spamming, but it's not as bad as spamming when you don't know if someone's there or not.
Spam is a computer game phenomenon prevalent in FPS but also strongly present in many other game genres. Generally, it refers to the repeated, rapid use of an item, weapon or unit. Usually, this takes the form of grenade spamming i.e. a player or players throwing a number of grenades into one area.
A large pose, basicly anything that fills up the screen quickly. Hatchings be they dragon or firelizard are very spammy events.
Spam is used in many different ways. 1)Excess chatter on channels that may distract someone from RP. 2)Long poses or descriptions that take up a lot of screen space 3)A lot of poses that come very quickly - if you're at a large party or event, it's most likely spammy. 4)Other various ways, usually indicating lots of words. Spam isn't necessarily bad - it's all in the eye of the beholder.
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ites ositioned bove
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The term became connected with computers in 1985 when somebody harassed one of the original Pern MUSH es by echoing: SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM on all their terminals every few seconds until they booted him.
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Swear word. FF: Emidecimal
Spamming is a type of dance characterized by frequent, spastic body movements roughly in time to loud punk, alternative, and progressive or experimental rock music. Spamming is done mainly by younger fans at live concerts as a form of appreciation.
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(spam)...(n.)...Hawaiian delicacy...many parts are edible
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Stupid Person's Advertisement
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Trojan Horse
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a quick way to say "here's Pam" when she approaches
SPAM is a tool that assists in the enforcement of system configuration compliance. SPAM tracks, reports on, and compares system configurations on AIX systems.
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spam_can.jpg, see spam
Spam or spamming is the practice of using spells over and over again, specifically spells with low Energy cost, low casting time, and low recharge time.
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Special Administrator