Definitions for "Spells"
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Spells is a 1998 self-released cassette by Venetian Snares.
Spells is the first album from The Comas on Vagrant Records and the bands fourth release since 1998. It will be released March/April 2007. More information will be available when it's published.
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Magickal Rituals.
The term used to cover a host of magickal effects. See Magick Spells.
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Spellcaster can use their magic forces to survive. (like throw fireballs on enemies or cure themselves){type : spells} to see all spells
See Magic.
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Description and stats of spells, if any - unlike Kohan I, spells do not use mana. Instead, they have a "recharge time." A spell will not be cast again until that time has elapsed.
The primary power of magi. Often represented by beanbags.