Definitions for "Mailing List "
Mailing List is a Web-based, full-featured mailing list and newsletter system. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves. Email confirmation is used for new subscriptions. The list of subscribers to a list can be imported and exported.
A list of names and addresses to which advertising, solicitations of money, or other materials material sent in large quantities is mailed; -- it is usually used by comercial or charitable organizations. Mailing lists are often sold by organizations to other organizations, and are frequently used for targeted mailing, i. e., mailing to groups of people who are more likely htan the general population to respond as desired to the message in the mail.
A mailing list is a service that lets you correspond by e-mail with a group of people on a chosen topic. E-mail sent to the mailing list is distributed to all the people who have subscribed to the list.
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