Definitions for "Opt Out"
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In a privacy policy, a representation of an individual's implicit or explicit choice to decline the intended use of the individual's privacy-sensitive information. See also opt in.
Because of consumer privacy concerns, a growing number of direct mailers give individuals the choice to have their names omitted from a list or database when that list is made available to other companies for outside solicitations. The "opt-out" provision is especially important in many European countries that have Data Protection Laws to safeguard individual rights.
Plan provision that permits an employee to choose to not participate in the health insurance plan. Under SEBB and BUBB, bonuses were paid to employees who chose to not participate in the plans and who provided evidence of other health insurance coverage.
Any program or process that requires a user to take action to stop being included in some action. eg: optout email lists..
An email subscription practice by which users request to be deleted from an email distribution list by either selecting a link, or sending an email that requests their address be deleted.
To unsubscribe from a mailing list.
A right of an individual end-use customer to decide not to buy from a given aggregator. Typically used in situations where one or more aggregators are identified as the primary suppliers in an area, as in the case of a standard offer, a competition for a competitive franchise, a community access entity, or a co-op.
To explicitly decline to participate. Typically used in marketing programs and offerings, whereby an action (such as the use of personal information beyond the original, primary purpose for which it was collected) is undertaken unless an individual explicitly declines.
In HIV testing, a procedure whereby an individual is counseled about HIV and is only given the option of refusing an HIV test. If they refuse the test they have "opted out" of HIV testing. Studies have shown that more individuals agree to HIV testing when an opt out approach is used.
Doctors can "opt out" of Medicare by notifying the Medicare carrier that they will not accept Medicare payments and telling their patients–in writing before treating them–that Medicare will not pay for their services and that the patients must pay for the care themselves. Doctors who have "opted out" can charge as much as they want, and their patients have to pay the entire bill themselves. The only time a doctor who has opted out can receive payment from Medicare is when the doctor provides a patient emergency or urgent care services and the patient does not have a contract with that doctor. If the doctor did not provide a written contract before the patient received the services, the patient is not liable for payment.
An option given to consumers on the confirmation page which will send customers to a page defined by the client to provide the customer with other sales opportunities