Definitions for "rollout"
When the quarterback leaves the pocket, following blockers, to throw a pass.
Part of an offensive play where the quarterback runs to one side of the offensive backfield looking to pass the ball. Usually used to run away from defenders.
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Rollout (My Business) is a hip-hop song by Ludacris. It was the first single released from his 2001 album Word of Mouf. The song reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Male Rap Solo Performance.
The process of introducing a new product or service into the marketplace. also called launch.
same as launch
The process by which a company introduces a new product or service to different geographical markets or consumer segments.
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(informal) – Geographic expansion of a campaign from a single test market outward, as to a regional or national market.
An order to mail the remainder of a particular list or segment thereof.
A mailing to a complete prospect or customer list that has already been tested via a sample mailing.
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Rollout is how far a car will travel with one revolution of the engine. Often referred to as a rollout ratio. A larger number indicates a faster top speed/less torque and a smaller number indicates slower top speed/more torque. This number is important when changing to different diameter tires. Formula: Rollout = ( Tire Diameter * pi ) / Final Drive Gear Ratio pi is 3.141592654 Report this Word Added by: ryan_t888
Rollout or roll 'em out is poker jargon used for a game phase in certain poker variants. It is often incorrectly called "roll your own", to which it has similarities but is fundamentally different from.
Implementing a product or solution to an entire department, division or organization upon completion of a successful Pilot (see Pilot, above).
Successful deployment of a server in a small business environment.
a kill shot that hits the absolute lowest point on the front wall.
when the ball rolls along the floor after rebounding off the front wall, so that it cannot be returned.
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The area served by a mobile communication system is made up of individual cells, each of which has a base station at its centre. Rollout is the term used to describe the installation of a complete mobile telephone system for which the location and radio cell size and the erection of base stations has been defined. All construction is subject to an approval process with the authorities, which differs for each canton and site.
Installing new software or updates to multiple systems in a network.
The process of deploying new computers to replace computers whose leases have expired.
The estimate of a position's equity as determined by a computer simulation, typically using numerous trials to determine an average.
process by which information is systematically distributed
The time after software has been configured and is starting to be used by the users.