Definitions for "VARIANTS"
Keywords:  viruses, strains, loveletter, vbs, new
many 'new' viruses are based on existing viruses, these are called variants.
New strains of viruses that use some of the code from other viruses.
new strains of viruses that "borrow" code directly from other known viruses, to varying degrees; usually identified by a letter, or letters, following the virus family name (for example, VBS.LoveLetter.B, VBS.LoveLetter.C, etc.)
In bookbinding, a word used in reference to the variety or diversity of different bindings or end papers in a printing run or issue. For example, one variant may be a cover on which the book title appears in red, whereas another may be a cover on which the title appears in gold. See also BINDING; END PAPERS; FIRST EDITION; ISSUE; LIBRARY BINDING
a rather different issue
an affinity toward complementary nucleic acids, which is by far the highest reported for a DNA analog
Alleles that are rare; they are found in less than 1% of a population. Some mutations are variants.