Definitions for "expired"
having come to an end or become void after passage of a period of time; as, an expired passport; caught driving with an expired license. Opposite of unexpired.
have come to an end, become void, reached expiry... Add a comment
An M.I. Hummel Club® Exclusive product that is no longer available. Club exclusives are available for two years only. Then the edition is closed and the molds are broken.
In Backup Recovery and Media Services, to denote when media is available for a rewrite operation. Media is automatically expired when both the retention period (expiration date) and storage duration have been satisfied.
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An Expired case is one for which the Opposition Party has not made a complete response prior to the expiration date. Either a Case Creator or Opposition Party may renew a case after it has expired.
Transactions that are submitted as Authorize Only, but not captured, will expire approximately 30 days after the initial authorization. Transactions whose authorizations have expired without being captured are settled are marked with a status of Expired.
Costs that have been used up or consumed. Expired costs are reported as expenses. (Costs that have not yet expired are reported as assets.) To Top