Definitions for "rewrite "
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rewrite reads a file, feeding its content through a shell command or a pipeline, and writes it back to the file. It allows for in place compression, for example. For large multi-part archives, you may not otherwise be able to uncompress and recompress the data again because of lack of temporary disk space.
To write again.
write differently; alter the writing of; "The student rewrote his thesis"
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The property of a CD-RW drive and CD-RW disc that allows the disc to be recorded on, used, then re-recorded on.
To erase and re-record a CD-ReWritable disc.
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something that has been written again; "the rewrite was much better"
a better idea, when you get the chance
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Changes in a script, often using color coded pages.
Changes in the script, often using color-coded pages to indicate the most current version.
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as in "URL rewriting" [ edit
Attack that modifies an encrypted message's contents without decrypting it first.
Exchange a current insurance policy for another type of policy retaining the insurer's original age.