Definitions for "Language arts"
Reading, writing, spelling, oral and written English and literature, handwriting, listening skills, and creative writing.
a school subject that focuses on listening, reading, writing, speaking, and viewing skills in a given language
Another term for English class. The focus is on reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.
Language arts refers to the class of art forms, including novels, poetry, songs and others, that focus on the creation of art works which are primarily language based. The language arts are distinguished from other classes such as performing arts, visual arts, and culinary arts. The definition is not strict, and many art forms have aspects of the language arts as well other types of art.
Language Arts is an album by Canadian alternative hip hop musician Buck 65, released in 1996 on the Four Ways To Rock/Metaphorensics labels (see 1996 in music) and reissued by Warner in 2002.