Definitions for "Drabble"
Keywords:  fic, fiction, fanfic, story, exactly
Initially used to refer to an exactly 100 word work, it now refers to any short fanfic.
a single scene, usually a wallow scene, written without the frame of a story; used mostly in on-line slash fiction
100 word fic. no more, no less. unless it's a half-drabble (50 words), a double-drabble (200) or some other such concoction. or an almost-drabble.
Keywords:  befoul, draggling, cloak, gown, wet
To draggle; to wet and befoul by draggling; as, to drabble a gown or cloak.
Keywords:  fagan, kevin, launched, focuses, comic
Drabble is a comic strip by Kevin Fagan, launched in 1979. It focuses on the family life of the Drabble family.
Keywords:  barbels, rod, fish, long, line
To fish with a long line and rod; as, to drabble for barbels.