Definitions for "Suppression file"
File made up of names of people who have indicated that they do not want to receive direct marketing offers, or people whom a marketer has identified as undesirable prospects for a direct marketing effort. The Direct Marketing Association offers three suppression services for con-sumers: the Mail Preference Service, the Telephone Preference Service, and the Email Preference Service. Also, most individual marketers now offer customers the option of having their names excluded from list rentals and email promotions. (See “Opt Out” and “Opt In.”)
A suppression file can be used to remove records from a mailing list that are not to be used for a particular mailing. For example, a membership organization doing a mailing to solicit new memberships probably would not want to mail to existing members within the given geographic area. Back
A Do Not Email list that you run against any lists you plan on sending mail to prior to the send. Required by CAN-SPAM.