Definitions for "List serv"
A program that automatically runs an internet mailing list. This program is capable of distributing e-mail to thousands of people who subscribe to the list. List servs are usually based on a topic, or profession that all subscribers share.
It is an electronic mail distribution list where information may be received or given by an organization regarding information or opportunities in your specific area of interest. Some use the lists as a way of distributing current information (pertaining to that interest group) to a large number of individuals. UC Davis departments and organizations have numerous list serv on campus. Some allow interaction, others may only allow you to receive information... it depends on how the list serv is set up. Some lists are open for all to subscribe to, other lists have restricted subscriptions. Check with the list serv you want to subscribe to and find out the setup requirements and restrictions of that particular list serv. L.L.M. a specialized master's degree in lawone year beyond the J.D.
a list of e-mail addresses identified by a single e-mail address