Definitions for "E-mail spoofing"
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When an e-mail appears to have been originated from one source, yet it has actually been generated from another is known as e-mail spoofing. The act of forging an e-mail header ( the [email protected] portion of an e-mail ) allows individuals who are sending " junk mail", or " SPAM" to author e-mails that cannot ( or can be difficult ) be traced back to the originator.
Forging an e-mail header to make it appear as if it came from somewhere or someone other than the actual source. The main protocol that is used when sending e-mail -- SMTP -- does not include a way to authenticate. There is an SMTP service extension (RFC 2554) that allows an SMTP client to negotiate a security level with a mail server. But if this precaution is not taken anyone with the know-how can connect to the server and use it to send spoofed messages by altering the header information.” ( e-mail spoofing, 2003)
sending e-mail with false information, such as the "from" block
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