Definitions for "OSI"
A worldwide communications standard that defines a networking framework for implementing protocols in seven layers.
Open System Interconnection. OSI defines 7 layers in the OSI protocol stack: Layer Name Function Example Application An application that communicates with other computers uses OSI layer 7. Telnet, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP Presentation This layer's function is to define data formats, such as ASCII, binary, BCD etc. It also defines data encryption. ASCII, binary, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, MIDI Session This layer defines the way to start, control and end conversations (sessions). RPC, SQL, NFS, Appletalk ASP Transport This layer is responsible for providing transport protocols that either do or do not support error correction. TCP, UDP, SPX Network This layer defines the end-to-end delivery of packets. IP, IPX, Appletalk DDP, ICMP Data Link The data link protocols define delivery across an individual link. IEEE802.2, IEEE802.3, HDLC, PPP, FDDI, ATM Physical Layer The Physical layer specifications deal with the physical characteristics of the transmission medium. RJ45, Ethernet, FDDI, NRZI, NRZ
Open Systems Interconnections. It is to help different data systems to be interconnected.
pen ystems nterconnect. An internationally agreed upon set of standards for computer connection. In some ways it "competes" with TCP/IP. It is not yet widely used, especially in the United States.
pen ystems nterconnection
OSI is an American progressive metal supergroup formed by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos in 2003. He named the band after a short-lived U.S. government agency named Office of Strategic Influence.
(A) Governmental/Military acronym for the Office of Special Investigations (U.S. Air Force) (B) Governmental acronym for the Office of Special Investigations (CIA) (C) Governmental acronym for the Office of Scientific Intelligence (CIA).
Office of Special Investigation
Office of Science and Innovation
Ordnance Survey Ireland, Ireland's national mapping agency is a State body and is Ireland's premier supplier of mapping services in Ireland. GeoDirectory was developed by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland.
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OSRAM Material
Oil stability index. An accelerated rancidity test that measures the rate of oxidation of a fat or oil and is expressed as an index number. The higher the index number, at a given temperature, the more stable the product is to oxidation. This method replaces the Active Oxygen Method (AOM).
Out of stock indefinitely. The publisher has no copies of a book on hand, but may wish to reprint it in the future, and so is not calling it out of print.
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Other Structured Interview
Organizational Success Increase.
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A unit of pressure equal to one 1/16 PSI or 1.733 inches of water.
Abbreviation for Operator Self Inspection
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On Single Item 1-4-1 One For One as in trades. Send 15 F get 15 F.