Definitions for "AOM"
Acute Otitis Media. A type of ear infection characterised by an inflamed eardrum and usually accompanied by pain and fever. Discharge through a perforation of the tympanic membrane may occur. Some children may also suffer from a loss of appetite and may even vomit. Hearing in the affected ear declines temporarily.
Severe form of a fairly common illness of the ear, which results in a highly inflamed eardrum. (See also COM, Eardrum and OM).
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The Application Object Model. This is the structure of the application, specified as a hierarchy of elements in XUL and then modeled as a tree of widgets and other objects. The concept and structure is similar to the content model built by Gecko to represent an HTML document.
See: the Application Object Model
(Angular Overlap Model)
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Awards of Merit are awarded by Judges to publicly recognize those dogs and bitches that provided tough competition for the final winner(s) of BOB and BOS.
Automatic Order Matching. A computerized screen-based trading method as provided by the ASSET system which allows brokers to electronically send buy or sell orders from their offices to the SET trading computer. The ASSET system implements an order queuing process and arranges the orders according to price-and-time priority. Orders are first grouped according to price with the best price taking precedence. Then, within each price group, orders are arranged according to the earliest time. Simultaneously, the ASSET system begins to automatically match the first buy and sell orders in the queue while at the same time confirming each executed transaction via the brokers' terminals. Automated System for the Stock Exchange of Thailand (ASSET System) A fully computerized trading system which offers two trading alternatives: Automatic Order Matching (AOM) and Put Through (PT). The ASSET system divides its operations to serve different characteristics of trading in 5 different boards: Main Board, Odd Lot Board, Big Lot Board, Foreign Board, and Special Board. See also Automated Order Matching (AOM) and Put Through (PT).
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Acousto-optic modulator An AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulator) is used to control the intensity of the exposure laser in the Micronic pattern generators.
CL-65 Airplane Operating Manual (Air Canada)
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Artist Of the Month
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Age of Mythology
Active Oxygen Method. The higher the index number, at a given temperature, the more stable the product is to oxidation