Definitions for "EIA"
Electronic Industries Association - A group that specified electrical transmission standards.
Electronic Industries Association. Group that specifies electrical transmission standards. The EIA and TIA have developed numerous well-known communications standards, including EIA/TIA-232 and EIA/TIA-449. See also TIA.
Electronic Industries Association (U.S.-based).
EQUINE INFECTIOUS ANEMIA. One of the most important viral diseases of horses, caused by a retrovirus; it is a chronic infection resulting in a persistent (lifelong) carrier state with periodic exacerbations of anemic illness; also called swamp fever
Equine Infectious Anemia. A virus that has no known cure and is quite deadly; also known as Swamp Fever. It can be spread by 3 principle means hrough blood sucking flies or insects, through i n-utero or olostral infection, or careless use of needles or other equipment in contact with open wounds
(Equine Infectious Anemia): Also known as 'swamp fever', EIA is a viral disease transmitted by horsesflies. There is no cure or vaccine. EIA is diagnosed with a Coggins Test. For more information: Equine Infectious Anemia
Economic Impact Aid
Emerging issue analysis. Similar to environmental scanning, but tries to pick up trends much earlier in their lifespan - hence the name "emerging issues". Futurist Graham Molitor has written a lot about this. The key to EIA is to find precursors: people, places, organizations, and writing that is ahead of the rest of the world. One of Molitor's main findings is that new ideas often begin at the fringes of society, and slowly work their way toward the mainstream.
Environmental Impact Assessment. A report on the impact that a proposed development will have on the surrounding environment.
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Enzyme-Linked Immuno Assays. Enzyme-Linked Immuno Assays (EIA) are use to measure the amount of a particular substance by virtue of its binding to a specific antibody. Examples of EIA include ELISA and Western blotting.
A standard test used to detect the presence of HIV. When an EIA detects antibodies to HIV, the result must be confirmed by the Western Blot test or immuno-flourescence assay (IFA) before a person is considered to have HIV. Formerly referred to as ELISA.
Enzyme immunoassay
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Estudio de Impacto Ambiental
Estudios de Impacto Ambiental
Dutch tax energy investment deduction
Energy Information Administration. An agency of the Federal government which, among other things, is the chief federal statistical service for energy information.
see Energy Information Administration
EXERCISE INDUCED ASTHMA. A condition defined as a spasm or constriction of the bronchial tubes causing diminished airflow resulting in wheezing, tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing, and sometimes coughing. When the vital capacity, or the total volume of air that can be forcibly exhaled in one breath, does not change or decreases with exercise, the person most likely has EIA. The vital capacity should normally increase with exercise. Almost all people with asthma will have EIA, but those with EIA do not have a problem with breathing unless exercising. Whether you have asthma or EIA it is important to know what is triggering your asthma and how to treat it effectively.
endian EspressoGrinder event.x Extension Versioning
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Abbr. Refers to RS244 code format used by older CNC to code stored programs
232/422/485 The most common serial interfaces. EIA-232 is single-ended, ±12V, for two devices. EIA-422 is differential, 0-5V, for two devices. EIA-485 is differential, 0-5V, for up to 32 devices. COM ports on PCs are EIA-232.
Electrical Interface Assemblies. Provides connection points for the ONS 15454 and DS-1, DS-3, or EC-1 units.