Definitions for "CNC"
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Computer Numerical Control. When a machine has its own independent computer control unit.
Computer Numerical Control. A computer-based motion control device programmable in a numerical word address format. A computer numerical control product typically includes a CPU section, operator interface devices, input/output signal and data devices, software and related peripheral apparatus.
Computer Networking Center
Cardiothoracic and Neurosciences Centre
condensation nucleus counter. a light-scattering instrument that detects particles in a gaseous stream by condensing supersaturated vapor on the particles. [SEMATECH
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Coaxial Cable Coda
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Crime and Narcotics Center
Conseil National de Certification (national certification council)
Canadian National Committee
Abbreviation for Complementary Normally Closed. An auxiliary (non-safety) output, always in an opposite state to its associated normally open safety output, even in the event of a single failure.
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Clinical Nurse Consultant
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