Definitions for "SPASM"
An involuntary and unnatural contraction of one or more muscles or muscular fibers.
A sudden, violent, and temporary effort or emotion; as, a spasm of repentance.
An involuntary contraction of muscles, causing a clinching or twitching of that part of the body. In persons with spinal cord injuries, spasm of the paralyzed muscles is common and can interfere with daily activities and medical care. In addition, some people report pain from the spasms. Spasms can usually be controlled with drugs. When that does not work, doctors sometimes kill the nerves leading directly to those muscles (below the injury at the spinal cord) either with direct injections or, in extreme cases, with surgery.
Spasm is the title of English metal band Peach's fifth release, released in 1993. It was originally released as a 2-track 7" Vinyl and is now extremely rare. This song has been covered in concert by the band Tool, who Peach's bass player Justin Chancellor is now a part of.
SPASM - Software for Probabilistic Analysis, Storage and Manipulation