Definitions for "Muscles"
any one of the contractile fibrous bands or bundles, having the function of producing movement in the animal body, which conjointly make up the muscular system
tissues which contract when lengthened, extended, contracted, or flexed. Flexor muscles perform ( the triceps) while extensors
Earthworms travel by coordinating two kinds of muscles: circular and longitudinal muscles. Both are located under the epidermis. When the circular muscles contract, the segments become thinner (decrease in segment diameter), the earthworm lengthens and moves forward. When the longitudinal muscles contract, the segments become thicker (increase in segment diameter), and the earthworm shortens.
Arnica, Lobelia, Wild Lettuce, White Willow (bark) and Valerian.
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"Muscles" is a 1982 soul single written and produced by Michael Jackson and performed by American R&B/soul singer Diana Ross.
Ocular muscle alignment is critical in developing sharp three- dimensional vision. During a routine eye exam, an eye care professional evaluates the integrity of the muscles and the nerves which supply them. Eye turns and double vision should be evaluated by your Today's Vision doctor.
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a type of body tissue that is able, upon command, to contract. This enables us to move.
the muscles that enable the lens to change shape for focusing
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Body parts that help a person move. Your leg muscles help you run.