Definitions for "Willow"
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Any tree or shrub of the genus Salix, including many species, most of which are characterized often used as an emblem of sorrow, desolation, or desertion. "A wreath of willow to show my forsaken plight." Sir W. Scott. Hence, a lover forsaken by, or having lost, the person beloved, is said to wear the willow.
An ancient tree with medicinal properties (pain killing).
A Druid sacred tree; one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. The willow is a Moon tree sacred to the Goddess. its grooves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and artisans sat among the trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills, and prophecies.
It is valued as a nerve sedative because it has no depressing after-effects. It works like aspirin except that it is mild on the stomach. Traditionally, a bitter drink was used for fever and chills, and as a substitue for chinchona bark. It has been called one of the essential first aid plants. It has strong but bengin antiseptic abilities and is good for infected wounds, ulcerations, or eczema.
Exhibits analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and tonic properties. Considered to be the natural form and origin of the modern day aspirin.
Willow is an ancient remedy used to treat rheumatism and gout, fevers, and aches and pains of all kinds. It has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and tonic action.
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Soft wood used as a solid wood. Willow withes (the long, tough stems) are used to make wicker furniture
A soft wood used only as a solid wood. Willow withes (long, tough, supple stems) are used in weaving wicker furniture.
Lengths of willow withes are wove in wicker furniture; the wood is best useful as solid.
A machine in which cotton or wool is opened and cleansed by the action of long spikes projecting from a drum which revolves within a box studded with similar spikes; -- probably so called from having been originally a cylindrical cage made of willow rods, though some derive the term from winnow, as denoting the winnowing, or cleansing, action of the machine. Called also willy, twilly, twilly devil, and devil.
To open and cleanse, as cotton, flax, or wool, by means of a willow. See Willow, n., 2.
a textile machine having a system of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibers
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Willow is a 1988 fantasy film directed by Ron Howard, based on a story by George Lucas.
Willow is a video game released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom based on the 1988 film Willow. Its gameplay is very similar to The Legend of Zelda.
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Thin withies of willow are used for the production of baskets. They become flexible when soaked in water and can be bent with ease. Hardens again when dry.
an osier which yields it's long, slender branches for use in basket weaving.
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Willow is a key character in the space opera Dreadstar created by Jim Starlin. She was introduced in the first issue of Dreadstar's regular series and had her origin told in issue 2.
Willow is a station on the Metro Blue line. It has an island platform, and is adjacent to Long Beach Boulevard near the intersection of Willow Street in the city of Long Beach, California. At this point, going Northbound, the Blue Line route leaves Long Beach Boulevard and enters its own right-of-way (part of Pacific Electric Railway's Red Car right-of-way) allowing the trains to reach higher speeds between stops.
colloquial term for a cricket bat. He wielded the willow effectively.
The name Willow was also used by Marvel's Mantis when briefly visiting the DC Universe
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Willow is a name shared by two typefaces.