Definitions for "Grove"
A smaller group of trees than a forest, and without underwood, planted, or growing naturally as if arranged by art; a wood of small extent.
a concentration of a species of trees; sometimes a tree-covered hill or dense wood; often a specific tree name, but sometimes named for the original owner of the grove; some groves were said to be sacred to Indians as a Beech Grove in Lost Cove: Walnut Grove, Oak Grove, Maple Grove, Willow Grove, Beech Grove.
A group of trees. If the grove is around the farm it is called a windbreak.
a very unsetteling story, and obviously the most well-known, but I felt that 'The Matyr' and 'Kisa and Morito' are both very witty, and also my favourites
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a congregation of Druids
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a lableled directed graph
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A more open clump of bamboo, widely spaced culms but still all from the same plant.
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a tightly woven tale of suspense and unexpected love
an in-memory representation of the result of parsing
a standardized representation of the information contained within an SGML document
an area resonating to a particular thought, the spring being the energising force
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a set of city of
a set pacific