Definitions for "Savanna"
A tract of level land covered with the vegetable growth usually found in a damp soil and warm climate, -- as grass or reeds, -- but destitute of trees.
An area containing widely spaced trees with an understory of species requiring higher light conditions than provided in a forest.
a vegetation type with scattered trees over a grassland, usually found in subtropical areas
Savanna (サバンナ) are a Japanese comedy duo consisting of Masumi Yagi (八木真澄) and Shigeo Takahashi (高橋茂雄). Both attended Ritsumeikan University High School and created the manzai team as a joke during their years at Ritsumeikan University, having first met in the school's judo club. They then decided to join Yoshimoto Kogyo as a professional kombi.
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a treeless plain
wooded community with graminoid groundcover. Two natural communities: fine-textured-soil savanna and sand savanna.