Definitions for "Hammock"
Activity, joining two specified points, that span two or more activities. Note: its duration is initially unspecified and is only determined by the durations of the specified activities. Note: hammocks are usually used to collect time-dependent information, e.g. overheads. (A group of activities, milestones, or other hammocks aggregated together for analysis or reporting purposes. Sometimes used to describe an activity such as management support that has no duration of its own but derives one from the time difference between the two points to which it is connected.)
An aggregate or summary activity. All related activities are tied as one summary activity and report ed at the summary level. [D00780] PMK87 An aggregate or summary activity group of related activities is shown as one and report ed at a summary level). [D00779] PMK96 Summarizing activities by a single ïmockÍ activity. [D00781] CPMUSC 176-8 A hammock group s activities, milestone s, or other hammocks together for reporting. Most PM software calculates the duration of a hammock from the early and late dates of the activities to which it is link ed. [D00782] WST PMST Activity, joining two specified points, that span two or more activities. Note 1: Its duration is initially unspecified and is only determined by the duration s of the specified activities. Note 2: Hammocks are usually used to collect time-dependent information, e.g. overhead [D04582] APM BS
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Java based Web API using Swing like controls and concepts. Think of it as Swing for the web. Allows easy development of Servlets and JSPs using a familiar event based component model.
A swinging couch or bed, usually made of netting or canvas about six feet long and three feet wide, suspended by clews or cords at the ends.
A piece of canvass, hung at each end, in which seamen sleep.
Localized, thick stands of trees that can grow on natural rises of only a few inches in the land.
a closed canopy forest home to cabbage palms, mastic trees, gumbo limbos and strangler figs
an island in the marsh
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a great addition to any indoor living space
a great addition to any outdoor living space
a great idea for relaxing in the
A piece of land thickly wooded, and usually covered with bushes and vines. Used also adjectively; as, hammock land.
an elevated piece of land or ridge in the midst of a marshy region
a piece of furniture
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a spot covered with a growth initials on poker chip of holdem tightpoker
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a good enrichment item to rotate in and out every few weeks
a good way to store stuffed and soft toys or dolls
An empty hammock suggest a minor loss, if laying alone in a hammock, it is a warning that your selfishness in personal affairs could drive away a friend of value.
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a nice overnight or short term camp, but you can't really live in it
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a valuable cruising asset
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The programming slot between two hit shows, often used to launch a new program.
In television, a term used to refer to the placement of a program between two other programs. Programmers often position a new series between two well-established shows that appeal to the same audience. This position will give the right viewers a huge opportunity to sample the show.
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a thin, lightweight mattress
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a small natural hill
A point in a project network diagram where many tasks feed into Task X, and then many other tasks can start as soon as Task X is complete. It is an important time for the project manager to schedule sponsor reviews and approvals. It may be a natural start for a new project phase.
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an inexpensive way to dress up your porch
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a relatively high, dry area with fertile soil