Definitions for "Peony"
Keywords:  showy, cultivated, genus, love, paeonia
A plant, and its flower, of the ranunculaceous genus P├Žonia. Of the four or five species, one is a shrub; the rest are perennial herbs with showy flowers, often double in cultivation.
any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers
The peony is a symbol of love and affection and is representative of good luck and of spring in the cycle of the four seasons.
A hard, round break of colored stars without tails. The stars may change color as they travel outward from the shell burst. Example
Well-used term to describe an effect which is essentially an expanding sphere of stars.
Spike-like burst that projects to creates the image of jetting through space.
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Peony is a novel by Pearl S. Buck first published in 1948. It is a story of Kaifeng Jews.